BEIGE (Vanessa O’Neill and Kent Long) started working collaboratively in 2009, merging their interests in the physical properties of film with experiments using multiple projectors and live sound. As a matter of process, they develop and print their films themselves, battling for control against a dizzying array of variables in the darkroom and at the printer.

Project Statement: "The Impenitent Thief" takes as its starting point the viewer’s perspective in Tiepolo’s painting "Scoperta della Vera Croce e Sant’Elena." We are set down in the excavation site, looking up at the discovery and the moment of revelation. The painting is wild with motion and the use of color to describe the path of ascension. Using multiple points of projection of both image and sound, we attempt to view the sky from beneath the surface.

The Impenitent Thief
Performance with two 16mm projectors, audio
20 min