June 8, 2017: Video documentation of the panel discussion with Denah Johnston, Liz Keim, Craig Baldwin and Steve Anker is now posted online. Visit the panel discussion page for links.

March 25, 2016: THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for helping us realize this exhibition. Special thanks to all the exhibiting artists and panellists. Also thanks to the staff at SOMArts: Jess Young, Carolina Quintanilla, Sarah Pritchard, Melorra Green, Brianna Nelson, Matt McKinley, Alex Lucas and Colin for helping to guide us from planning stage to full scale exhibition. Thank you to Suki O’Kane, Fara Akrami and the board of directors of ATA for being our fiscal and spiritual sponsors. Thank you to Rick and Megan Prelinger and the Prelinger Library and Renee Jones of the 6th Street Photography workshop for hosting our workshops at your wonderful spaces. Thank you Kathleen Quillian, Gilbert Guerrero and Shapeshifters Cinema + our shapeshifting sound collaborators: Cyrus Tabar and John Davis. Thank you Brian Darr, Rosario Sotelo, Isaac Sherman and Zach Iannazzi for your respective assistance during our production process. Thank you to the Canyon Cinema Foundation for lending your support and materials from your archives. And finally thank you to the Princess Grace Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Foundation and everyone who contributed to our fundraising campaign. We couldn't have done it without you!!

February 5, 2016: Our article "Timeless Motion: Giving Form to the Ephemeral" was just published today in issue #30 ("Material Cinema") of Other Zine, the online publication of Craig Baldwin's Other Cinema series.

January 20, 2016: HUGE THANKS to the following donors for your support during our Indiegogo campaign: Suki O'Kane, Liz Keim, Jonathan Marlow, Adrianne Finelli, Karen Darr, Christina Battle, Ekrem Serdar, Darrin Martin, Phoebe Tooke, Eva Crider Reffell, Mike Metzger, Danny Plotnick, Steve Polta, Suzanne L'Heureux, Megan Prelinger, Dan Gunning, James Sansing, Roger Deutsch, Steve Anker, Dustin Zemel, John Carlson, Adam Hartzell, Lincoln Raphael, Jeremy Rourke, Nadia Shihab, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Jeffrey Skoller, Fred Rinne, Loren Risker, Catherine Borg, Jason Metcalfe, Airen Campbell, Debbie Styer, Kevin Killian, Robert Byrne, Isabel Fondevila, Rick Prelinger, Karen Gallagher-Iverson, Jack Darr, Gina Basso, Tommy Becker, Janis Lipzin, Alfonso Alvarez, Vanessa Woods and those who wish to remain anonymous.

Many thanks also to the Princess Grace Foundation and the Zellerbach Family Foundation for supporting this project.

November 20, 2015: We just launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. We are looking to raise $7,500 by January 19th. Will you help us reach our goal?