r. fox

r. fox (Robert Fox) is an award winning Bay Area filmmaker, sound composer and visual artist. His work reflects a curiosity and exploration of the creative process, drawing on material created and collected from film, photography, music and multimedia. Each of these mediums offer an insight into approaches and constraints that are an integral part of this process. In addition, his work has been influenced by his many years as a medical videographer and photographer. He also is a teacher of contemplative arts in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. r. fox has a BFA in printmaking from Otis Art Institute, an MFA in film from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA in Electronic music from Mills College.

Project Statement: My work is an ongoing process that offers glimpses into the restless moments of change and renewal that are the constants in our universe.

"An Open Gesture" is a reimagining and reframing of home movies, as photographed through the same Kodak cine special movie camera by two generations of the same family. Shot during the 1950s. Both the black and white and color footage offer not only glimpses of a certain time and place, but also of a timeless realm as seen through the eyes of the motion picture camera. Rather than history or storytelling the material will be reframed and reimaged through changes in speed, freeze frames and other cinematic devices to put emphasis on motion, gestures, camera movement. The intention is to bring out subtle qualities that are found between the frames, that brings this film material into the 21st century. By transcending the referential, the images on film can speak to the experience of the moment, rather than as a quaint flicker from the past.

An Open Gesture
Live projector performance with quad sound
20 min